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How old is the writer?

Surabaya, September, 4th 2010

To : Human Resources Department


Jl. Ambengan No. 12C



Dear Sir,

Based on your advertisement on Jawa Pos newpaper dated on August 30th, 2003 and with my firm belief of your well established company and lead me submit this resume to II Adminstration position offered in your company. I am 24 years old, innovative, energetic, highly ambitious, and good leadership.

I am fresh graduated from Accounting Departement, State Polytechnic of Malang, with predicate “Very SATISFACTORY” and GPA 2.90 (scale 4). I have been usual work in a team and organization. I can learn anything fast with intitiative and great will to succeed. I am certain it all can be useful to work well in this company, and I would appreciate if you give me the opportunity to discuss my qualication in person.

For detail, I enclosed my CV, Academic Transcript and a recent photograph.

Hopefully I may have the opportunity of proving my ca[ability by being granted an interview.

Thank you for your kind attention

Yours faithfully

Dwi Noviana


How old is the writer?

A. 22 years old

B. 23 years old

C. 24 years old

D. 25 years old

E. 26 years old


Jawaban: C. 24 years old



Soal di atas menanyakan umur penulis. Jawaban pertanyaan di atas dapat ditemukan pada paragraf satu kalimat “I am 24 years old​​​…”. Dengan demikian, diketahui bahwa umur penulis adalah 24 tahun atau 24 years old.

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